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Decoding of the Pictogram at Beggar's Knoll, Nr Westbury 27 July 2010, Wiltshire, England


© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova 2010 


Summary. The pictogram instructs how it is necessary to unite consciousness for dematerialization from level of global cataclysms.

The pictogram warns that simple association of consciousness for the Transition will not work. The united consciousness has to be based on a deep love for each other. Each of us should have a burning desire to continue life in the onset of global cataclysm. 




The Pictogram Decoding

In the pictogram two cells with increasing diameters of the internal circles representing their areas of a brain (green arrows) are shown. This means that more and more people unite consciousness. 

It seems that everything is OK - the process goes in the right direction...

However, ETC warn - NO! This is not enough!  A great value has the way of consciousness association, it is very important – HOW to UNITE CONSCIOUSNESS…

The pictogram informs exactly about it. 

Circles of the smallest diameter (red) represent brain areas of individual cells, and the borders are presented by circles of the biggest diameter (red rings). 





These areas of brain on the pictogram are shown four times pointing on the fourth level of human’ consciousness. 




Thus, on the pictogram two individual uniting cells are shown. We saw these images in pictograms already many times.

However, ETC pay our attention to one very important detail. For this purpose the place of contact of two uniting cells is cut out, turned on 90є and imposed on top on the symbols of two cells.

This imposing shows that the borders of the uniting cells are just touching each other. The pointed oval of dematerialization is absent. This oval of dematerialization arises only when brain areas enter into each other, i.e. there is a partial merge of brain areas. Only merge of brain areas of individual cells can cause an action of the united consciousness able to transform our body. Just on it is turned our attention in the given pictogram. 




So, the pictogram shows that the simple decision to unite consciousness will not work - we can not make the Transition. A simple decision cannot cause action of the united consciousness which should transform our body and allow dematerialize from the level of the Crystal structures. ETC inform: it is necessary for each of us – inhabitants of the Earth to understand that body transformation through united consciousness is the only way to escape from cataclysms and to continue life. Therefore, a great love for each other is required. Great desire of each of us to continue life is also necessary.

We should understand that before the face of coming cataclysms each of us is nothing because no one can make the Transition by himself. Only all people of Earth simultaneously united by impulse of a common consciousness can make the Transition.

By this pictogram ETC show that we should be literally dissolved in each other. It is the only possibility to survive… 

In their pictograms ETC show that today we are divided by hatred, which turns the cell’s brain areas in different directions. Our consciousness is directed to the separation. This is clearly shown in the pictogram 29 June 2007 Oxfordshire, England. 




ETC as parents love us, silly small children and do everything for continuation of our life. 



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