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Decoding of The Pictogram 17 July 2010 Wiltshire, England


© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2010 


Summary. ETC inform that our civilization is living in individual mode of consciousness. It means that everyone struggles only for himself and is not interested in problems of other people. Responsiveness and sensitivity, in general, are concepts alien to our civilization. ETC urge us to change the individual consciousness on united, as this will help us to dematerialize from the level, where global cataclysms will begin soon.


Pictogram decoding

In the center of the pictogram a cube is shown. This is an image of the brain area of human being individual cell, because four sides mean the fourth level of consciousness. Cell border - is a regular hexagon. An individual cell is a representation of the human being at information level of the Universe. 




This regular hexagon, on the other hand, depicts a carbon basis of our life. Consequently, this information is about us - humanity of Earth. 




In a hexagon three regular truncated quadrangular pyramids are represented (fig. 1, fig. 2). They are reversed. In the centre of each pyramid the light square is shown. It is a brain area of human being’ individual cell of the fourth level of consciousness. Tops of three sides of the cube, put in the centre of light squares (fig. 2, red arrows), specify that the cube and a light square – same thing – are a brain areas of individual cells.

Five steps on pyramids show expansion of an individual cell brain area up to formation of the fifth level of consciousness – united consciousness, corresponding to five steps.

Three pyramids represent also three previous levels of consciousness included in our cell. 




In three junctions of pyramids borders of three «blades» are formed. Blades are formed by ten dark lines presenting steps of two next pyramids (fig. 3, oval of green color and yellow arrows). It is pointed ovals of dematerialization. The picture shows only half of them, the other half covers the cube. They arise as a result of imposition of two individual cells brain areas at consciousness association. It looks so: 




In the center of pointed ovals are placed three sides of the cube. It means that in the centre of each pointed oval a brain area of individual cell is represented. It is a symbol «eye». The cube is a brain area in each of «eye» – the symbol of dematerialization. 




The pictograph shows the same principle of formation of joint consciousness. When combining the two individual cells - two men enter into negotiations - formed a joint cell of the expanded area of the brain. On the pictogram is also shown a principle of the united consciousness formation. At association of two individual cells – two communicating persons – one united cell with the expanded area of a brain is formed. 




This principle is represented by ten dark lines, of the increasing height and an adjoining side of a cube. So, each combination is formed by two lines of equal height and a cube side. Hence, there are five combinations, i.e. the mankind through association should generate the fifth level of consciousness. The correctness of this statement about the formation of a uniform cell through association of two individual cells proves also an arrangement of these lines on border of two individual cells (fig. 5). 



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