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Decoding Pictogram 5 July 2010 Castle Hill, West Yorkshire, England


© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2010


Summary. This 3-D pictogram present ETC urgency instruction:
Attention! Very dangerous! Through association of consciousness Earth civilization should immediately leave the level of the beginning of global cataclysms and make the Transition to other level of the material world in the next cycle of life.



The Pictogram Decoding 

On this pictogram ETC have depict a united consciousness cell of civilization. The united consciousness cell is the purpose of multi-thousand-years work ETC on Earth on creation different objects of the System of Information Transmission. Presented cell contains two levels of brain area expansion. The first level corresponds to united consciousness of separate individuals and groups of people. The second level of a brain area expansion – to the united consciousness of all mankind. Urgent promptness of this process expresses volume 3-D image of the cell. 

The volume 3-D image of the united cell ETC represent to earth dwellers for the first time. 




Information cells are a main analogue key to decoding of ETC pictograms. Earlier we already have shown that information cells are an analogue of people representation in the Information world, where our consciousness works. 

In crop circles ETC presented three types of information cells:

1. cells of individual consciousness;

2. cells of united consciousness;

3. combined cells. 

1.   An individual consciousness cell has a small area of a brain (fig. 1). The individual cell is the image of the human being at Information level of the Universe. The same as human being this cell has two main parts – a brain area and a body area. It also has a boundary separating one cell from another. The area of a brain of a cell is a small dark circle in the centre, and cell border – a dark ring. The area between them is an area of a body of a cell. 




2.The united consciousness cells of people. This type of a cell occurs when two or more persons enter into a   mutual relationship. The greater number of people taking part in the consciousness association, the wider brain area has the united cell (Fig. 2).




3. The combined cells unite one or several images. Most often ETC represent on fields a combination of an individual cells and cells of the united consciousness. This image most clearly shows the expansion rate of a brain area at the united consciousness formation. 

In the given crop circle are presented united consciousness cells with different rates of a brain area expansion. It means that at first is formed united consciousness of separate groups of people, and then – of the whole civilization.

Expansion of a brain area in the united cell happens under conversation between two or more people. In this process brain areas of their individual cells shift to cell’ border for information exchange. In the result a uniform cell of the united consciousness with an expanded brain area is formed. In the EC symbolic, it looks so: 




The united consciousness possesses one magic property – it causes an action. Yes, yes the real action. This action can hit you and even fall down on a floor, can absolutely unexpectedly lift you in the air, and can forbid you flight on this plane…

This is the United Consciousness Law:


Action of the united consciousness causes phenomena: levitation, telekinesis, dowsing, clairvoyance, etc. This action is considered a magic because it arises absolutely unexpectedly and makes a phenomenon which is not subjected to the laws of the material world. This action is the basis of all fairy tales. 

All information technologies of ETC are based on the united consciousness action. ETC technologies display properties of the Information world with no space, nor time. The nature of the information world explains merging of borders of huge multi-tons blocks and other distinctive features of ETC objects. All objects of the System of Information Transmission of ETC are created by means of information technology.

Action of the united consciousness is a basis of teleportation for ETC intergalactic flights in the universe and overcoming of millions light years. Action of the united consciousness causes a body transformation necessary for transition to other higher sublevel of the material world at intergalactic flights.

That is why ETC pointed on the necessity formation of the civilization’ united consciousness. The caused action will transform our body, and we can make the Transition to other level of the material world. This Transition is the only way for our civilization to get away from global cataclysms which will begin on our planet very soon.

The major element of this crop circle is the volume image of a cell. The 3-D image ETC introduce only in the case of extreme danger for civilization’ life. The 3-D image of the united cell is shown for the first time.

The 3-D image of an individual cell has been presented on fields of England repeatedly in 2000 and later. 




  Cells in the excited state forming the united consciousness. Warning: The Transition of humanity from the fourth level of consciousness on the fifth is under threat. Super-excited cells lead to wars and terrorist attacks. 





This 3-D pictogram present ETC urgency instruction about the necessity the Transition to other level of the material world in the next cycle of life.  


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