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Decoding Pictogram 5 July 2010 North Yorkshire, England


© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2010


Summary:The crop circle informs that as a result of Earth magnetic field decreasing now on our planet is very dangerous situation for life of humanity. ETC warn that very soon global cataclysms will begin. There is only one way to prolong our life. Through united consciousness of all civilization humanity has to make the Transition to other safe level of the material world without cataclysms. On this new level we will prolong our new cycle of life. For between intergalaxies flights in universe ETC constantly use analogous transitions to parallel worlds. 




The Pictogram Decoding




On this crop circle are shown six beaks of hysteresis loops (fig. 1 – fig. 3). All of them have the same direction. The last beak rests on the dark circle which represents a brain’ area of an information cell of human being. 




The given construction consisting only from beaks of hysteresis loops and our information cells iindicates on extreme danger of Earth magnetic field weakening for our life.

On fig. 2 the classical hysteresis loop is shown. On fig. 3 is depicted the same image of hysteresis loop in the representation of ETC.  In each beak of hysteresis loop the united consciousness cell with a wide area of a brain is shown (fig. 4). In a cell of individual consciousness a brain area is much less (fig. 5).

In accordance with ETC symbols of consciousness an individual cell is a representation of a human being in the Information world. The united consciousness cell is an image of two or more communicating people in the Information world also.





The more people are communicating – the wider is a brain area of the united cell. Thus, the picture shows three stages of the united cells brain areas expansion: at dialogue of only two people; a small group – the dancers and spectators, and also fans at the huge stadium and sports teams. The picture shows that a brain area of the united cell of two people talking on the phone is just a little bigger than a brain area of the individual cell. The brain area of the united cell of huge number of fans at stadium occupies almost the entire cell. 




This expansion of a brain area just is the main goal of ETC. By their infinite crop circles-pictograms ETC try to achieve, that we, people of Earth have united consciousness at the chosen moment with a definite goal. This goal – through a body transformation to make the Transition to other level of the material world. The Transition is necessary in order to get out of global cataclysm which will begin on Earth very soon. ETC inform that global cataclysms are caused by critical decreasing of Earth magnetic field. However, for the Transition to other level of the material world a body transformation is necessary – there are no other ways. 

This information is leitmotiv of thousands and thousands of ETC messages transmitted through created by them objects worldwide.

The united consciousness causes an action. That’s why ETC point on the united consciousness constantly.  

This is the United Consciousness Law:


Action of the united consciousness causes phenomena: levitation, telekinesis, dowsing, clairvoyance, etc. This action is considered a magic because it arises absolutely unexpectedly and makes a phenomenon which is not subjected to the laws of the material world. This action is the basis of all fairy tales. 

All information technologies of ETC are based on the united consciousness action. ETC technologies display properties of the Information world with no space, nor time. The nature of the information world explains merging of borders of huge multi-tons blocks and other distinctive features of ETC objects. All objects of the System of Information Transmission of ETC are created by means of information technology. 

Action of the united consciousness is a basis of teleportation for ETC intergalactic flights in the universe and overcoming of millions light years. Action of the united consciousness causes a body transformation necessary for transition to other higher sublevel of the material world at intergalactic flights. 

That is why ETC pointed on the necessity formation of the civilization’ united consciousness. The caused action will transform our body, and we can make the Transition to other level of the material world. This Transition is the only way for our civilization to get away from global cataclysms which will begin on our planet very soon. 




On this pictogram six dark circles mean six previous planets of the solar system. They are placed on one line. These are planets of the past development of consciousness – Pluto, Neptune, Uranium, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The seventh circle is raised over their level. It represents the seventh planet of the solar system – our Earth. It is a planet of the present development of consciousness. Thus, this pictogram transmits the information about consciousness development on the planet Earth. 



On the pictogram many different cells of an individual and united consciousness are shown.





First of all, circles as continuation of upper and lower curves of hysteresis loops beaks. Circles corresponding to upper curve are marked by red color, while to lower curve – marked in blue (Fig. 6). In the center of each red and blue circle is placed a small circles presenting brain areas.  Brain areas are shown at the back, but we could see a small piece of these circles (fig. 6, arrows). On picture 6 is shown only one brain area marked by yellow color. It belongs to red circle and upper curves of hysteresis loops beaks. Thus, these are the united consciousness cells with the expanded area of a brain. 



The intersection of these cells forms a pointed oval of dematerialization, named by crop circles researchers as a «symbol of eye». On the other hand brain areas of these cells – one of them is shown by yellow circle – lays on two dark circles. The sizes of these two dark circles are smaller, than yellow. 

Hence, the pictogram presents the principle of the united consciousness – by combining of two individual cells is formed one united cell with an expanded area of the brain. 



Designating a cells’ brain area of upper and lower curves of hysteresis beak by the yellow and blue colors, respectively, we receive the following drawing.  



The figure shows multiple (five times) repetition of the principle of unified consciousness. So ETC urge us to unite consciousness of civilization. 

The last circle on the one hand repesents a brain area of an individual cell - concerning a circle on which it is shown (fig. 7). Moreover, this circle represents a shift of the brain area in an individual cell as a result of the united consciousness formation. On the other hand, this circle has the same diameter, as other dark circles, which represent brain areas of the united cells (fig. 8). Consequently, it explains how these cells of the united consciousness are formed through the association of consciousness of two people. 




ETC presented many crop circles with a symbol of hysteresis loop and its beak transmitting warning information about critical decreasing of Earth magnetic field. All these pictograms transmit life important information. The complete cycle of the Earth proceeds in accordance with the hysteresis loop. ETC warn that Earth magnetic field reduction has reached the critical value and global cataclysms will very soon begin. Therefore in the centre of crop circles ETC have placed two symbols: hysteresis loops and information cells of human being. 






Beginning of Global Cataclysms Explains the Barkhauzen Effect in Ferromagnetic Materials 

It is known that the Earth's core is ferromagnetic. ETC inform that the complete cycle of the planet Earth proceeds in accordance with the hysteresis loop. Therefore, in our understanding the reason of global cataclysms beginning explains the Barkhausen effect (fig. 9a), which occurs in ferromagnetic materials.  

According to the Barkhauzen effect in some areas of both ascending and descending branches of hysteresis loop of ferromagnetic material spontaneous jumps of magnetization arise (fig. 9b, c). Jumps occur suddenly at the reaching magnetic field the value of «the field of start». In the beginning arise single jumps. Then, their number rapidly grows. Jumps overlap on each other. In the cyclic remagnetization of ferromagnetic material Barkhausen’ jumps form «packages of magnetic noise» (fig. 9d). 




Start of Barkhausen’ magnetization jumps, the speed of their rise and form of «magnetic noise packages» depend on properties of ferromagnetic material. In the soft carbon steels Barkhausen’ jumps occur slowly and sluggishly. In hard highly alloyed steels - the number of jumps increase very rapidly. The Barkhausen effect is widely used for nondestructive testing of ferromagnetic materials’ condition in many branches of industry: aviation, machinery, etc. 

This Barkhausen effect is a prerogative of physicists and we will not go deep into this theory. We will note, only, that on macro level of a planet Earth these jumps of magnetization correspond to earthquakes, tsunami, and flooding and other natural catastrophes fig. 10.




It is experimentally proved that at cyclical remagnetization of carbon steels packages of magnetic noise have a long duration. Highly alloyed steels have small duration of magnetic noise. Our planet has a carbon basis. It is possible to assume that global cataclysms will be very strong and proceed extremely long – millions and millions years. 




ETC confirm that the decreasing of Earth magnetic field has almost reached the field of start. That is why shortly catastrophes will begin. However, before the start of a global cataclysm three preliminary of incredible strength will happen. We never see such phenomena of nature. 

ETC already throughout several millennia repeatedly transfer to us the same message – humanity should form the united consciousness for the Transition. And they can not understand why civilization of Earth is still slow and hesitates???  




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