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Decoding pictogram 13th June Poirino (Torino), Italy


© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2010


Summary. This pictogram is the ETC instruction for dematerialization of all civilization from the level of global cataclysms. Otherwise the civilization of Earth will be destroyed. 



The pictogram informs about the necessity of dematerialization from level of global cataclysms Mankind has to make the Transition to the Highest level of the material world where the next cycle of a life – the Correction cycle will begin. To make this Transition it is necessary to transform a body. It can be made only by the united consciousness action which will be caused by all civilization.

In order to read and to understand this pictogram it is necessary to know the main symbols of the ETC pictography, the mechanism of the Transition and body transformation, humanity’ cycles of life, the Law of the united consciousness action and the system of the Universe. You can read this information in details in our decoding of the pictogram June 25, Warwickshire 2010.


Decoding of the pictogram

As well as in the previous crop circles, the individual cell is shown with a small brain area in the centre of the pictogram (fig. 2). However this is a combined cell because it includes other cells of individual and united consciousness also. They show the expansion of a brain area at united consciousness formation (fig. 3). 




The pictogram shows several levels of dematerialization. First of all, it is a fan pointed ovals of dematerialization coming from the central area of a brain of the individual cell (fig. 4), as well as ovals, shown in fig. 5 and fig. 6. 



The main outline of the crop circle forms the eye dematerialization presented six times (Fig. 6). This is the leitmotif of the pictogram. However, in the body area of all individual cells arranged by a circle, randomly scattered points are shown (fig. 7). So the chaos in the body area as a result of global cataclysms is shown. The exit out of this chaos is shown directly above each cell - a pointed oval of dematerialization and the Transition.

The symbol of a pointed oval dematerialization and the Transition is the result of imposing of two brain areas of cells (Fig. 8).

In the crop circle the principle of united consciousness formation and arising as a result dematerialization is repeatedly presented (fig. 8 - 10). On the fig. 10 two lines of uniting cells are shown. A line begins with very small, hardly-visible circles which depict a brain area of individual cells of initial level of consciousness. 

Then diameter of cells brain area expands. It means qualitative increasing of consciousness level. This story continues an individual cell of human being shown between them. These two lines merge together in top of pointed oval of dematerialization, where also a large area of brain is shown. Just this area of a brain ends the story (fig. 10). This brain area of the united cell is a result of our decision to merge consciousness of our civilization for the Transition.




Repeatedly used number 6 in crop circle specifies on a carbon basis of our life. These are six symbols of the «eyes» forming the main outline of drawing, six information cells, six areas of a brain of uniting cells (fig. 10) etc. As it is known carbon has a hexagonal crystal lattice, which is based on a regular hexagon.




ETC inform about necessity of humanity dematerialization and the Transition by symbols of consciousness – «pointed ovals» and «eyes» in many hundreds crop circles. Here are just a few examples of the symbols of wide and narrow pointed oval of dematerialization and the Transition, the symbol of the «eye», as well as the symbol of a body disappearance. 




Scientists consider that mankind should adapt to future natural disasters. However, ETC confirm the opposite. ETC inform that we cannot adapt to global cataclysms, because they will never stop and become only stronger. 

ETC believe that mankind of the Earth with honor will complete the cycle of Consciousness. We will fulfill our great duty under all previous generations … This duty – is to make the Transition to the Highest level of the material world in time.


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